LAGA Publishing – General Copyright Information & Guidelines

Music showcased via LAGA Online, LAGA Publishing or LAGA’s YouTube Channel has secured international copyright protection. Restrictions are in place to regulate musical reproduction and distribution whether in printed or digital format.

Non-Commercial Use

Unauthorized reproduction of sheet music and books – whether in full or in part – is strictly prohibited.

An individual wishing to publicly perform (performances fewer than 25 people) a LAGA copyrighted piece may do so with proper citation (i.e. “Arranged by Emre Sabuncuoglu, Published by LAGA Publishing”). This includes program notes, posters, leaflets and other printed material regarding the performance.

Any video or audio recording which is uploaded to a personal website must contain proper citation and also include an active link to LAGA Publishing (

In order to use videos from LAGA’s YouTube channel on your website, the video must be embedded using the embed code on YouTube’s video pages (under the ‘Share’ button).

Commercial Use

Performance and Recordings: For-profit performances and recordings of any LAGA Publishing release requires express permission from LAGA. Please use this contact form to reach us.
Educational Use: Please visit this page for details.
For further inquiries regarding performances that do not fit the above criteria, please provide the details of your proposed project (all details including dates, venue, format, length, program, estimated attendance, admission cost, any recording proposals) to LAGA Management.
Larger gatherings, commercial recordings, broadcasts (i.e. Radio, television or internet, etc.), including any subsequent recordings would incur additional licensing, permissions, and fees. General guidelines can be found on the ASCAP site:
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