Educational Discounts on Publications

Sheet Music and Books for Music Research and Music Education

The copying of scores – whether in full or in part – without express permission of LAGA Publishing is strictly prohibited. However, we are glad to be of service to arts education throughout the world by offering special pricing for educational use.

Sheet Music and Books for College and University Libraries

Our publications are available in digital form for use by public and university libraries.

Please bear in mind, as copyright law currently stands (US Copyright 17 USC § 102), there is no difference between a written work that is on paper and one that is in what is called a ‘dematerialized form’ or in other words an E-book. Note that copyright law (US Copyright 17 USC § 108) includes a number of requirements, such as fair use, that allow the extraction of, by general consent, 5% of the material.

The following guidelines about fair use apply to institutions which purchase our sheet music and books for educational purposes:

Sheet Music and Books for Classroom and Private Teaching Practices

Our sheet music and books are available for use in classrooms in schools, universities and private studios. Individual scores must be purchased for each student. Bulk pricing is available. To obtain a 25 percent discount and more information on using our publications for research and educational purposes, please contact us using our contact form.

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