Classical Guitar Sheet Music (and now tablature) by LAGA

classical guitar sheet music and tabsWe are happy to announce that you can now purchase the classical guitar sheet music from our LAGA Classical curriculum. Not only are we presenting our beginner and intermediate level pieces, but also the popular classics arranged for classical guitar on LA Guitar Academy’s YouTube channel. Our channel has attracted a large group of followers and many requests for classical guitar sheet music for our guitar arrangements of these classical masterpieces. Make sure to browse our discounted bundles and books below as well. You may download a free sample score here.

How our sheet music is different

Expertly arranged and revised by Emre Sabuncuoglu, the resulting works reflect great expertise and technical skill, musicality, and exquisite taste. Each arrangement goes through a months-long process of arranging, testing for the best key, revising, notating, practicing and video recording.

  • You can view the arranger’s complete video performance of each piece prior to purchase.
  • Revised to maximize efficiency and ease of fingering.
  • Arranged to preserve full textures of underlying pieces -including orchestral works. Meticulously transcribed to honor the integrity of the original composition.

Two ways to access classical guitar sheet music by LAGA

  • You can purchase them by browsing the list below.
  • You can obtain them as part of your membership to our online on-demand classical guitar lesson program, LAGA Classical. It includes all of the classical guitar sheet music in our curriculum, which may be accessed by students who have demonstrated proficiency at the previous levels. We recommend this option if you are having difficulty with a particular piece, or need a systematic classical guitar course to get your technique to a level at which you can play your favorite pieces with ease. If you are experiencing difficulty with developing the visual-kinesthetic connection on the fingerboard and/or choose to cut corners as a LAGA Classical student, you may consider purchasing standalone sheet music to complement your LAGA Classical membership. Exercise this option to gain access to pieces beyond your current level of study or get help in transitioning towards making good fingering choices.
    Check out our FAQ on sheet music vs. online programs.

TAB info ***NEW***

You asked. We answered. Tab versions are now available for all scores! All solo classical guitar works in our sheet music store now have tablature format along with the standard sheet music notation. Please see our tablature release announcement for more information and a comparison between classical guitar tablature and sheet music.

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