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Whether you are new to the guitar or to playing Flamenco, you can benefit from Los Angeles Guitar Academy’s online Flamenco guitar lessons. Our program demystifies all forms in Flamenco guitar, Soleares, Seguiriyas, Tangos, Fandangos, Bulerias and many others. We provide a systematic structure to the traditional method of rote learning.

You may be surprised to find out that sheet music reading is not required to play the Flamenco guitar. This makes online Flamenco guitar lessons a great choice for self-taught guitarists — beginner to advanced– who have never learned to read music.

Learning the Flamenco guitar also gives you an edge in improvisation and composition, since one of the chief characteristics of Flamenco music is the ability of guitarists to compose variations on different forms of Flamenco music. From the very beginning, our online Flamenco students learn to create their own works, based upon the form that they are learning. Finally, learning to play the Flamenco guitar gives guitarists a real insight into rhythm, developing in its students a sense of the internal pulse of the music–the compas.

By the time you have developed your Flamenco guitar skills to the advanced levels, you have probably become entranced by style itself.  At this level, you will have become one with the music, and with the advanced training you will receive before you finish the course, you will fall in love with this passionate Spanish folk art. You will become familiar with the range of human emotion portrayed in each of the forms. You will learn to create your own falsettas, colored with your own life experience, and grounded in the Flamenco technique.

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Goals and Expectations

Our online flamenco guitar lessons are for the serious student of the guitar. As there are no shortcuts to great technique and musicianship, we do not cater to those merely seeking “tricks and tips”. We take a traditional rote-learning approach to Flamenco guitar blended with modern pedagogical tools. Our program gives our students a solid foundation in proper technique that lays the groundwork to effortlessly progress to advanced levels across various forms (toques). Read more >

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