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The Los Angeles Guitar Academy (LAGA) is pleased to offer two options to access our distinctive curriculum: Online guitar lessons and classical guitar sheet music. Receive step by step instruction from reputable, credentialed faculty using LAGA’s proven teaching methodology or purchase specialized arrangements that showcase the beauty the solo classical guitar and timeless classical masterpieces.

Online Guitar Lessons by LAGA


Whether a beginner or advanced player, harness the experience and skill of our master guitarists. Develop proper technique utilizing a proven, reliable method that rivals our in-studio programs. Learn to play the standard guitar repertoire in addition to arrangements unique to LAGA’s curriculum. Choose from our Classical or Flamenco lesson programs or combine the two!

Classical Guitar Sheet Music by LAGA

Classical Guitar Sheet Music

Purchase standalone sheet music featured in our expansive curriculum that included the standard guitar repertoire and arrangements unique only to LAGA. Works are expertly arranged to preserve full texture and integrity of the original composition. Beginner, intermediate and advanced level pieces that showcase maximal efficiency and ease of fingering are available.

Inspiring, Unrivaled Repertoire

We offer a growing curriculum of unique, expertly arranged pieces that cannot be found elsewhere – in addition to the traditional guitar repertoire. Preview this distinctive curriculum via our playlist or visit our popular YouTube channel.