LAGA Prime

Progressive access to both of LAGA’s signature online guitar programs: LAGA Classical and Flamenco. Upper levels are unlocked automatically as you progress through the curriculum, based on the schedule below. 

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Medium: On-demand video lessons
Access: Unlimited 24/7
Levels: Beginner to Lower-Intermediate (Level 1 & Level 2)
Level Progression Schedule:
3 months to Level 3 (Intermediate)
+3 months to Level 4 (Upper-Intermediate)
+3 months to Level 5 (Lower-Advanced)
+4 months to Level 6 (Advanced)
+5 months to Level 7 (Upper-Advanced)
+6 months to graduation.

Signup bonus: A 50% off discount code issued each month for any premium sheet music purchase from LAGA Publishing (not applicable to already discounted items).