Free Classical Guitar Lessons

Our free classical guitar lessons for beginners are a great deal for those who want to learn to play the classical guitar just for its own sake. But did you know that learning to play the classical guitar can benefit people who want to play any style of music?

Online Classical Guitar Lessons Benefit Everyone

Classical guitar lessons, online or in-studio, are the very best foundation for any style of playing guitar. Los Angeles Guitar Academy Online’s classical guitar lessons will give you the edge over other players, even in the genres of rock, country, folk, blues, Latin, and Flamenco, because you will learn much more than just basic chords and progressions.

If you enroll in our unlimited program after you finish these free online classical guitar lessons, you will learn valuable information about intervals, chord structures, and many more advanced concepts, as well as how to read music like the pros. These essentials give you a powerful advantage in songwriting, arranging, and in performing. You will develop a powerful right-hand and left-hand technique which will supercharge your performance. When you finish the entire online classical guitar course, not only will you have developed a solid technique, but also will have developed a great classical guitar repertoire.

Free Online Classical Guitar Lessons

Why are we offering these free online classical guitar lessons? We believe that our online classical guitar instructors are among the best in the field, and we want to share their expertise with you! Our renowned instructors have designed the lesson plan so that by the time you finish these free classical guitar lessons, you will have developed some fundamental basic classical guitar techniques, that will help you avoid some of the most commonly acquired bad technical habits. Our founders started Los Angeles Guitar Academy’s online division to share the joy of playing the classical guitar with people from all over the world. We teach classical music as fine art–accessible to everyone!

Don’t wait a moment longer to begin learning the classical guitar! Let’s get started!

Click on each lesson, following the exact order in which we teach them. Only in this way can your experience the strength of our curriculum in its full integrity—just as we would if you were right with us in our Los Angeles area studios. You will make faster progress and have a more thorough comprehension of the material when you follow this exact order. Enjoy this experience on us!
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