Collection: Discovering Six Strings (Learn Sight-Reading)

A Beginner’s Guide to Technical Basics and Sight Reading through Folk Music from Around the World

Learn to play notes on the guitar through an enchanting collection of folk songs from around the world. From the very beginning, you will be playing real music that delights students of all ages while learning to read sheet music for the guitar.

This book has six chapters, each of which focuses on one of the guitar’s six strings. The first chapter consists of pieces that utilize only the first string notes; the second, includes pieces that comprise only the second and first string notes, and so on, until the student is playing pieces which consist of the notes on all six strings. With this method, it is possible to learn a basic level of sight reading in about six weeks, taking only one week per string. For more information, see the foreword.

Level: Beginner

Format: E-Book (PDF), 52 pages.

License Information: Copyright © 2012 Los Angeles Guitar Academy Publishing. All rights reserved.

Lesson Program: LAGA Classical

Format: A collection of scores in standard sheet music notation (no tabs/tablature) as a digital PDF file available for instant download after purchase.

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