Free Flamenco Guitar Lessons


Free Online Flamenco Guitar Lessons from LAGA

We are offering the first few of our online Flamenco guitar lessons for beginners free—just by scrolling down to the lesson menu at the bottom of this page and clicking on each lesson in order. For those of you who already have a taste for Flamenco music, we believe that once you get a taste of the quality we offer, you will want to sign up for our unlimited program. Our online Flamenco guitar teachers are not just guitarists from other genres that have learned to play a rasgueado or two. They have learned from some of the best Flamenco guitarists on the planet, and want to pass that learning on to you in the time-honored Flamenco tradition–passing knowledge down from teacher to student. We provide a systematic structure to the traditional method of rote learning. Secondly, we believe that our online Flamenco course will help just about any guitarist improve his or her chops!

How Can These Beginners’ Online Flamenco Guitar Lessons Help Me?

Online Flamenco guitar lessons give guitarists from nearly every playing style and level—beginner to advanced—several important advantages.  Fundamental to Flamenco music is the compas, the internal pulse of the music. Becoming more sensitive to the rhythmic pulse, a talent keenly honed when you study Flamenco guitar lessons, will help you better internalize the rhythm of almost every type of music. Regardless of your primary musical style, learning Flamenco rasgueados will give you a balanced right-hand technique by developing the extensor muscles of your forearm. These skills are especially important in playing the classical guitar, as well as in many other genres.

Furthermore, in your online Flamenco guitar lessons, you will learn to compose your own variations very early on in your training. Learning to create these variations will give you a powerful advantage in songwriting and arranging. Furthermore, since learning to think of variations provides an important foundation for improvisation—a skill needed in any genre of playing the guitar: rock, country, blues, jazz, folk, or Latin. Learning to play the Flamenco guitar will turbocharge your performance potential.  Even classical guitarists can benefit from this aspect of Flamenco guitar study!

OK, I want to check this out for myself! Let’s get started!

Click on each lesson, following the exact order in which we teach them. Only in this way can you experience the strength of the curriculum in its full integrity. This will maximize your progress as you move through the lessons. Enjoy your excursion into the world of the Flamenco guitar!